I’m in my 30’s, born and raised in the USA.  Grew up on the west coast, currently living on the east coast.  I love to travel and to learn, I naturally enjoy sharing information and interacting with new people.

I struggle a lot with the idea of love.  So far, life and learning has taught me that to love someone, you need to respect them, and to get something from the relationship to really love them.  In general, I love all people and want what’s best for everyone.  I can be too emotional, or too affected by emotions and yesterday I thought to myself that maybe I am stifling my emotions in order to limit the negative feelings, but at the same time I am quieting the positive feelings.  This is the same effect of anti-depressant drugs, and thank you to the Moth Radio Hour for their story inspiring me to this realization.

Mostly, I feel I should love my parents more and be more loving in my relationships to have a hope for long term happiness.  They are good people, doing the best they can, and loving me fully.  Why can’t I return their love equally?


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